Home loan refinancing Darwin NT

Home loan refinancing Darwin NTMortgage Refinance Darwin. At Darwin Mortgage Broker you not only get a mortgage broker, you get a trusted finance partner. One that will give you professional, expert and truly independent mortgage advice that could save you years off your home loan and potentially $1000s in repayments.  New loan products are coming all the time so the loan you have now may not necessarily be the best option for you. 


What to consider when you are thinking of mortgage refinancing:


When you SHOULD refinance:

  • If your current lender isn’t competitive with other available options
  • Free up cash for your long awaited holiday, home renovations or the kids’ school fees
  • Reduce your total monthly loan repayments by consolidating other personal loans, store and credit card debts
  • Switching to a fixed rate at the right time

When it doesn’t make sense to refinance:

  • If you are planning on selling the property soon
  • Your break costs (costs of getting out of your existing loan) are high
  • If your loan balance is low and you are not considering re-drawing on the equity

Save yourself the time and headache of refinancing your home loan and let the professionals do it. Contact your local Mortgage Broker today to get started. Our service is free to you!

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